Guidelines for Hindi Feature Films-2007


(Broadcasting Corporation of India)

Directorate General: Doordarshan

Copernicus Marg: New Delhi-110001


Revised Guidelines for Hindi Feature Films-2007


Subject: Guidelines for procurement of Hindi Feature Films  for telecast on various channels of Doordarshan on payment of royalty.




          Doordarshan procures feature films for telecast on its flagship channel DD-1 as well as on other national channels (DD Bharati, DD urdu), International channel (DD India) and regional channels with the purpose of providing wholesome entertainment to its viewers.  While latest box office grossers are telecast for catering to popular tastes, serious cinema, cinematic works of excellence, national award winning films, old hits, children and other niche category films etc. are also Doordarshan’s fare. Apart from having high entertainment value, films are the most important source of revenue for Doordanshan.




)         (a) Doordarshan will, in accordance with its programme requirements, invite rights holders of Hindi feature films to get registered with it for supplying Hindi feature films on payment of Royalty. The registration will be announced by wide publicity over Doordarshan network, on the Doordarshan website and if required, through advertisements in newspapers.

             (b) The registration will be valid for a period to be notified. A registered   applicant will also be free to give a proposal for a film whose rights he has     acquired subsequent to his registration but within the validity period of his registration.  He will, however, have to fulfill all the requirements stipulated in Sub-Clause (iii) and (iv) of this Clause. Such applicants who fail to get themselves registered within the prescribed time period in response to announcements made as per Sub-Clause (i) (a) but wish to submit a proposal for telecast of films in accordance with these guidelines will be allowed to do so with the proviso that their proposals will be accompanied by non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 15,000-00 per film.


(ii)        Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged to the applicant by the Facilitation Counter. A record of proposals received from rights holders will be maintained by Doordarshan.


(iii)       A proposal received under this scheme will contain:


(a)   Offer Form duly filled in.

(b)   Copy of Link Agreement(s), duly notarized on stamp paper, in order to establish that the applicant holds the rights of the film offered by him.

(c)   Notarised copy of Censor Certificate.

(d)   Synopsis including storyline, star cast, and details of director, music director etc., list of hit songs and year of release.

(e)   DVD/VCD/VHS of the film for preview purposes.

(f)    Indemnity Bond in the prescribed format.

(g)   Affidavits/Undertakings in the prescribed formats.

(h)   Publicity Materials i.e. Stills etc.

(i)    Award Certificates/Jubilee Certificates, if any, duly notarized.

(j)    Newspaper clippings/copies of press reviews wherever available.

(k)   Photocopy of the PAN card of the applicant.


(iv)     The Proposal will be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 10,000/- per film by Bank Draft in favour of “Prasar Bharati”, Directorate General, Doordarshan” payable at New Delhi. It is reiterated that this amount is non-refundable even if the proposal is finally not accepted. 

(v)      An application will be considered only if it is complete in all respects and has been made strictly in accordance with the manner indicated in clause-2 (iii) and (iv) above. Incomplete applications are liable to be summarily rejected. Doordarshan will not enter into any correspondence in respect of proposals once they are rejected and returned. 

(vi)     Weightage will be given to such applicants who will be offering Hindi feature films for telecast on bouquet of Doordarshan channels. 




  Details of existing slots on the National Network of Doordarshan (DD-1) are as follows:



S. No.




















Meaningful cinema



Hindi Belt Network


Popular cinema


Mon, Tue, Wed

Bioscope serialized


Old popular films


Holiday/Special Occasion

Holiday Special

12:00 or 14:30

Suitable films for the occasion



oordarshan reserves its right to make any changes in the above slots as per its programme requirements.


4. Royalty Rate Structure



Vintage (Production Year)




1959 & earlier


1.50 lakh


2.00 lakh




2.00 lakh


3.00 lakh




3.00 lakh


5.00 lakh




4.00 lakh


6.00 lakh




5.00 lakh


7.00 lakh


2000 onwards


6.00 lakh


8.00 lakh



Films which have been produced more than 2 calendar years earlier but within four calendar years (excluding the calendar year in which selection is being made)


06.00 lakh


08.00 lakh


12.00 lakh





A Super





16.00 lakh


Films which have been produced within 2 calendar years (excluding the calendar year in which selection is being made)


06.00 lakh


8.00 lakh


12.00 lakh

A Super

16.00 lakh

A Premier

20.00 lakh


(i)       Such film which are commercially viable and which fall in categories F-1 & F-2 will be shortlisted for telecast in the prime-time slots of Friday and Saturdays on DD-1.

(ii)       Royalty payment rates for telecast of films on channels other than DD-1 (except DD Urdu and DD Bharati for which no rates were earlier prescribed) will be as per existing provisions.

(iii)      Royalty Payment rates for telecast of films on DD Urdu and DD Bharati will be 20% of the royalty prescribed for telecast on DD-1.

(iv)      If a Hindi film is shown on a DD channel (other than DD-1) within twelve months of its telecast on DD-1, then the royalty rates will be 50% of the rates which would have been admissible to such films as per Clause 4 (ii) and (iii) above.

(v)      In case of old films re-released in color and digital version, the royalty amount will be calculated with reference to the year of re-release and not the year of original release in black & white and non-digital version.

(vi)     The rates for repeat telecast of films on the same channel would be as under:


Repeat Telecast                                                       Rate

Second Telecast                             50% of the royalty amount which would

have been admissible if the telecast would

have been first telecast on the same channel


Third and subsequent telecast          25% of the royalty amount which would

have been admissible if the telecast would

have first telecast on the same channel


(vii)     A telecast made beyond five calendar years (excluding the calendar year of its scheduled telecast) will not be taken into account for the purpose of deciding the royalty payable for repeat telecasts.


 Doordarshan will ensure payment of royalty amount to the rights holder within 60 days of the date of telecast of the film.





(i)      All Hindi feature films to be telecast on various National channels (viz. DD-1, DD Bharati and DD Urdu), regional channels and International channel (DD India) will be handled centrally in Delhi.

(ii)      Proposals will be scrutinized by a Scrutinizing Committee in the Directorate General:Doordarshan in accordance with the provisions of the guidelines and any other requirement specified in the advertisement. This Committee will be constituted by DDG(Films), DG:Doordarshan and it will ensure that the proposal submitted by the applicant is complete in all respects and rights of the concerned films clearly vest with the applicant.

(iii)      Shortlisting :


(a)   Proposals complete in all respects will be forwarded by the Scrutinizing Committee to the Shortlisting Committee. Shortlisting Committee will be chaired by DG, Doordarshan and will include DDG(Films), an officer of the level of DDG to be nominated by rotation, an officer of the level of Director of Programmes to be nominated by rotation, Director (Marketing)/Director (C&S) and one outside expert from a panel recommended by DG, Doordarshan and approved by the Production & Content Committee of Prasar Bharati.

(b)   Nor

mally, Shortlising Committee will meet for four times in a year to decide schedule for next three months in each meeting. However, meetings of the Committee may be convened on more than four times in a year depending on programme exigencies. It will be the responsibility of DDG(Films), Doordarshan to put up scrutinized proposals at least 45 days before the quarter for which films are to be shortlisted.


(iv)    Gradation :


(a)       The films shortlisted by the Shortlisting Committee will be placed before Gradation Committee for gradation of the film if not graded earlier for the purpose of payment of royalty as per Clause 4.

(b)       The Committee will preview and grade the films as per the criteria and parameters prescribed.


(c)       The Committee will be chaired by a DDG level officer by rotation and include an officer of the level of Director of Programmes/Dy. Director of Programmes by rotation, Director (Marketing)/Director(C&S) or his nominee and two outside experts (one expert will be woman).


(d)       It will be the responsibility of Director (Marketing) to give an approximate idea of the revenue likely to be earned from such films to the Gradation Committee which have come before it for gradation. The Committee will take this factor into account while grading a film.


(e)       The recommendations of the Committee will be put up to DG, Doordarshan for final approval.


(f)       Films finally approved will be scheduled for telecast in the following quarter. Such quarterly schedule will be prepared at least 30 days prior to beginning of the quarter so as to allow ample time for publicity, promotion, and marketing of the films.


6. Appeal


There will be provision for appeal against any decision of the Gradation Committee. The application in this respect will be submitted to the DG:Doordarshan with a non-refundable fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand). DG:Doordarshan will constitute a committee under the chairmanship of a DDG level officer and including one officer of the rank level of Director of Programmes, Director (Marketing)/Director(C&S) or his nominee and two outside experts (one expert will be woman). Neither the chairman nor the members of this committee should have been members of the Gradation Committee, which had earlier graded the film and against the decision of which the appeal has been preferred. The recommendation of this committee will be submitted to Production & Content Committee, Prasar Bharati through DG, Doordarshan for final decision.



7.  General


(i)       Before submission of proposals, the applicant must ensure that the films offered by him fulfill the eligibility criteria as stipulated in Clause 2(ii) and he agrees to the royalty rate structure specified in Clause 4.

(ii)      Only those feature films which have been shortlisted and graded in accordance with Clause 5 (iii) and (iv) will be eligible for telecast. Mere submission of a proposal does not ensure its acceptance for telecast by any Doordarshan channel.

(iii)     Doordarshan reserves the right to reject any film without assigning any reason.

(iv)     “UA” and “A” certified films are not eligible for telecast on Doordarshan channels. Proposals in respect of only such films which are having “U” or “V/U” certificates from Central Board of Film Certification can be submitted for consideration. In case “V/U” certificate has been obtained from the Central Board of Film Certification at a later stage, a copy of earlier certificates i.e. “U/A” or “A” issued by the Board must also be attached alongwith the proposal.

(v)      The applicant will furnish an undertaking that he will provide the best print of the film on DVC pro 50 or any other format prescribed by Doordarshan from time to time. The film will be withdrawn from telecast if it does not meet the prescribed technical standards.

(vi)     The applicant will furnish a duly notarized undertaking on stamp paper of Rs. 100/ that all the information/documents furnished by the applicant regarding the offer are true. If any information or document furnished by the applicant is found to be false at any stage, it will result in rejection of proposal and forfeiture of royalty payment. Such an applicant is also liable for criminal prosecution.

(vii)    The Applicant will indemnify Doordarshan against any claims or demands which might be made against it by any person or any litigation that might arise on account of any libel, slander, infringement of copyright or patent, costs incurred, losses suffered etc. in connection with telecast/proposed telecast of the film.

(viii)   The Applicant will also provide publicity material i.e. stills, promo etc. for proper publicity of the Film by Doordarshan.

(ix)     Doordarshan will have unfettered right to market the film for commercial exploitation in any manner that it deems fit, including but not limited to accepting sponsorships; telecasting advertisements before, during and after the telecast of the film; organizing contests; and inviting responses of viewers through SMS. The rights owner/applicant will neither have any objection nor will he be entitled to any share whatsoever out of the revenue earned by Doordarshan by way of such commercial exploitation.

(x)     Doordarshan may at its discretion consider a request for change in name of rights holder of any film. Such requests should be submitted along with an indemnity bond in prescribed format, affidavit in prescribed format, link agreements and non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousands).

(xi)     Doordarshan reserves the right to either re-schedule or postpone or altogether cancel the telecast of a scheduled film if programme exigencies or change in circumstances so require.

(xii)    Proposals for telecast of Films dubbed in Hindi from other languages will not be considered under this scheme.  

8.  Exemptions 

Notwithstanding anything contained in these guidelines, Doordarshan may, with the prior approval of the Production & Content Committee accept any proposal for telecast of a film or a package of films on any particular theme or subject on any one or more channels of Doordarshan under this scheme in relaxation of any of the provisions of  these guidelines. 

10. Attendum 
(Approved in the 103rd Meeting of the Prasar Bharati Board held on 7th June, 2011)

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